After 14 years living in Florida, I have returned to my beloved state of North Carolina.

This blog is about my making a fresh start doing something I have found adds to and enhances my purpose in life. Gardening. There is perhaps. . . at least for me . . . no greater  way to foster a deeply spiritual connection to our earth and its Creator.

Guided here by a series of seemingly unfortunate events . . . I feel much peace within, knowing that this is where I’m suppose to be.  Those events had to take place in order for me to come home and start a fresh life guided by the wisdom of much higher forces.

This blog . . . one of several I do have . . . will – hopefully – reflect my trials and tribulations on this new venture . . . to turn the abundance of land I have available into something that will sustain me for my remaining years on this planet.

I’m delighted you have found your way here.

Many blessings to you . . . now and always . . .

Judy Warren Miller



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