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Chapter 2 . . . a very wet chapter . . .

When I started this blog . . . my aim was to document my adventures in trying to start a productive garden as a means to a new start in my life . Having closed the book on my prior life . . . I came here to start a new book, a new adventure in life – leaving the past behind.

While one usually starts with a chapter one (and there is one) . . . I felt the need to skip that adventure for the moment to write about what seems to be the start of continuing mis-adventures . . . .

After sharing a much needed and wonderful evening out with a good friend  last night. . . I woke up later than usual, which I was happy about . . . and ready to start the new day working on the incomplete bathroom in my new shed turned studio apartment.  I’ve avoided taking a shower because the baseboards had not been laid, and I didn’t want to risk getting the pulp wood flooring wet. Hoping to not have to deal with a rotting floor – and a potential disaster –  later on.

So I decided to hang the wallpaper. Ready to tackle all the sanding and other prep work necessary for the job . . . I got up, made some coffee in my new coffee maker . . . . and started to gather all the tools I would need . . . .

Papa and Bobby, a friend who is helping him clear out some of the storage areas around the shed were busy relocating some items from one shed to another . . . and I was happily inspired that progress was being made by us all.  Step by step, everything seemed to be going according to plan – though slower than I would like. Early on in this great new adventure I had resigned myself to the knowledge that this new quest  would not be completed in an instant . . . and that there would be days when nothing would be accomplished as fast as I would like . . . but today is proving to be one of those days I would like to either start over or just skip completely.

Around 10 am . . . Bobby runs into the apartment and says to shut off the water. What water . . . no water was running, and I didn’t understand . . . and then it started to rain . . . inside the apartment . . . and it was gushing from the ceiling onto the floor in the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen . . .

Throwing down the few towels I had . . . they were quickly drenched . . . I needed something else . . . QUICKLY!  Running to yet another outside shed . . . the one fill with plastic containers of one sort or another . . . I grabbed a few and placed them under the worst of the water-sprewing places.

Looking for more towels . . . I couldn’t find the big bag of Papa’s rags  – the rag bag that was always in the way, until now. . . so I decided to just go and get the dry/vac  and start sucking up all the water that was starting to spread out on the floors.  Thank goodness I was there . . . or the damage and cleanup would have been vast.

Of course, the dry/vac had needed to be cleaned out . . . was full of drywall dust . . . which of course overloaded and tripped the circuit.  Cleaning out that mess delayed the process . . . but working quickly, I averted a disaster that would have been a whole lot worse . . .

Then, of course . . . the bathroom . . . the room I had so carefully tried to avoid getting any water on the floor . . . now was wet . . . in areas that should not be. The overhead light did not work and had been a source of falling water. Thinking there might be some water in the fixture . . . I unscrewed the cover, and a whole lot of water was dumped onto my head . . . the fixture was full . . . and dripping  – and so was I.  I unscrewed the bulb . . . and hoped that after it dried out . . . it would work again.

This new life . . . . this new book in my life . . . is not starting out smoothly . . . and I can certainly see that life with Papa and Nanny and the country life will certainly produce some rather novel adventures.

While I’m still not clear on what happened with the water heater . . . we did get the disaster under control pretty quickly.

So far, so good . . . I’m getting ready to once again start the prep for the wallpaper . . . but, they’re working on the plumbing up there now . . . so all bets are off as to what will come next . . .






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